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Q:  What does my session fee include?

A:  The session fee pays for my time and skill during the session, post production editing and a private online, 1 week viewing gallery.  The viewing gallery will display your best images about 2 weeks after your session and will remain online for 1 week, during which time you will need to place your order.

Q:  Where is your studio?

A:  In order to spend more time with my growing family, I usually work out of my home studio. I do offer portrait sessions on location and the associated prices are listed on my portraits page.

Q:  How long after I order will my final images be ready for pick-up?

A:  After you order your favorite images  they will be ready for pick up in about 3 weeks.  I consider your images an heirloom that I do not want to rush.  Quality takes time!

Q:  How far in advance should we book our session?

A:  I am generally booked 4-6 weeks in advance.  Please email or phone to check availability. For Maternity and Newborn suggestions please see the Maternity and Newborn section of my website.

Q:  Where should our session take place?

A:  That depends on you and often it depends on our lovely Canadian weather.  Even winter outdoor photos can be amazing fun and showcase some fantastic moments! Which do you prefer the look of, studio, or outdoor pictures?  Both are beautiful. I am happy to provide suggestions on suitable and beautiful outdoor locations.

Q:  When should I photograph my baby?

A:  For newborns please refer to the Newborn section of my website.  Older babies are best to photograph between 3 and 6 months when they are able to sit by themselves.  I offer a fantastic Babies First Year Promotion that highlights the major milestones of a very exciting and emotional year.

Q:  What should I wear?

A:  Babies look best in little or no clothing.  Especially younger babies. Clothing can make them look awkward, and too grownup.  Besides, we love to see the chubby baby arms and legs that are so intriguing!  Right now is about how little they are.  I often like to photograph little babies with their parents holding them,  it shows how small they are, and also comforts the baby to have someone familiar holding them. The parent holding the child should wear white or off white logo free shirt and light pants. Also bring a long sleeved black shirt and pants.

For older child images, I suggest that you bring several different outfits – layering adds texture to the outfit and looks great!.  The more the merrier, we can sort through them together and decide what will work best.   For individual children fun, bright funky clothing and accessories are really great!  Bring your child’s favorite blanket or stuffed animal, I love fun hats and skirts!  Bring what you have, it’s ok to change clothes!  I love it when people bring me a small suitcase full of things to choose from.